2020 is a weird year. For me it’s a year of many (maybe too many impulsive ones) changes. One of them is getting rid of unnecessary stress. I really do like talking to people, even though I’m extremely awkward in social situations and almost never feel like I fit in any community.

Communication void, otoh, where whatever is produced (comments, posts, etc) doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever, is painful to me. Not talking about “likes”/“boosts”/“follows”, that’s not communication and I don’t give a shit about these.

I don’t like my timeline filled with shit I don’t care about. I hate when outright triggering crap comes up. Muting/banning seemed to work to some extend but it keeps happening again and again, more often than not.

2020 is the year I started removing accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, whatever else I don’t even remember by now. I chose Mastodon over Twitter at some point, but (imo) it’s really a terrible platform to hold a conversation, still. What I could use Mastodon for? For helping people out with some 9front-related questions, for showcasing my work, seeing what some great people are up to with their work as well. But I already can do all of that without Mastodon in the first place. I’m not interested in following latest trends in webshit technology (html, js, css), or Linux, or infosec “C is bad” bullcrap, or more of plan9port+acme screenshots (plan9port isn’t Plan 9). It very often felt as if some people, who were initially interested in having any kind of interaction with me regarding various topics (Plan 9, the best example), eventually started to completely ignore whatever I’m writing. Did I do something wrong? Wish someone would tell me. I didn’t see it happen anywhere else but Mastodon. I wanted to stay for the sake of having connection with people I cared for interacting with but tbh my mental state is extremely important in the current state of thing. I will miss a lot, but… Bye, Mastodon.

I prefer talking to people IRL and in some kind of realtime chat if the former isn’t possible.

In the meantime I will completely (and indefinitely) withdraw myself from any kind of web “social” networks. 9gridchan, IRC(gone) and email are enough for me. People who cared to talk could always find a way.

2020/10: bye Slack, bye IRC.

Last update: October 06, 2020 01:18AM

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