Mashed potato

I tried a new way of making mashed potato which resulted in the most amazing deliciousness I was yet to taste in my life, when it comes to mashed potato. Of course, tastes are subjective, and perhaps the recipe won’t even fit the “mashed potato” category, according to some radical potato fundamentalists, but WHO CARES. It’s more potato than anything else in this recipe (also vegan, if you will). And I am originally from Belarus, so I know a thing or two about potato (this is all we eat you guys)¹ so you have to trust me - potato expert speaking.

First, I put the potato as is, unpeeled, into the oven, until it gets that magical crisp all around. I turn it in the middle of baking, so the crisp is not on just one side. Kinda. Now, I didn’t put any oil nor salt on the peel, perhaps I should have, more on that later.

While potato is baking, I put one broccoli to boil. Yes, my mashed potato isn’t just potato. Some other mashable veggies work well too, by the way. It adds to the taste, which is a nice thing, sometimes. TRY IT (please, I beg you).

While that is getting ready, I chop an onion² finely, drizzle some oil and fry it really well, with pressed fresh garlic added, with some salt and pepper.

When the potato is baked, I remove the skin and immediately put the peel back into the oven to make chips. Look ma, no waste. I didn’t use any oil nor salt before putting the whole potato in, and at this point I realized, maybe it would be a good idea for next time. Anyway, just salt on top is fine. It just doesn’t hold as great without any oil, and I did not want to make the chips wet and oily at this point. shrugs

I mash the potato and broccoli together and start frying it, adding (vegan) butter and a bit of (plant-based) milk, getting a nice consistency. I also throw in the fried onion and garlic, then, while mixing, more salt and black pepper is added until it tastes good. More butter and/or milk is added again, if needed. After it’s all nicely tasting and the consistency is great, I put it aside, covered with a lid, just to rest a bit.

BAM. Fuckin’ A. Thank me.

-- Yours, Sigrid the chef.

₍₁₎ smiling face with a tear

₍₂₎ my grandma always put well-fried cut onion (and шкварки) into mashed potato

EDIT: thank you very much for the garlic idea, anonymous commenter, that sounds super tasty indeed, gonna try it out next time!

Last update: June 17, 2021 10:36PM

June 17, 2021 05:24PM
Something I've done before and really really enjoyed was mashing in an entire head of very soft and brown roasted garlic. Basically just wrap a head of garlic (drizzled with oil) in foil and bake it until each clove is super soft and buttery inside. Then you can just cut the top of the head off and squeeze the garlic out into your potatoes and mash them up.
June 18, 2021 06:57AM
no problem! one thing: I realize I listed the order of steps incorrectly. This is how I do it:

1. cut the top off the head of garlic, so the inside of each clove is visible.
2. drizzle, wrap in foil
3. roast until golden brown and soft
4. squeeze into potatoes.
5. enjoy :)
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