Plan 9 fonts

I was searching for better fonts to use on a tiny (12.5”) screen of MNT Reform that also happens to be 1920x1080 - VGA is just too small (sorry, VGA).

Kurinto, 18px

After a lot of fiddling with TTF-to-subfont conversions and going through a bunch of fonts, I ended up using Kurinto.

Combined fonts for multiple languages, with a monospace font in addition, ended up ~50Mb in total (compressed Plan 9 bitmaps). You are free to grab these and use. For license terms see official Kurino website.

cd /lib/font/bit
hget | tar xz

Set font=/lib/font/bit/kurinto/kurinto.18.mono.font for monospaced, font=/lib/font/bit/kurinto/kurinto.18.text.font otherwise.

Based on Kurinto_v2.197_Full, it contains (converted):

Mono version reuses non-monospaced subfonts to fill in the missing glyphs.

A sample of Kurinto fonts on 9front

KNXT, 20px + 40px

A bitmap font from a github repo, originally in PCF format and 20px size. It has a pretty good coverage. I also made a 2x conversion for high resolution displays if that’s needed.

cd /lib/font/bit
hget | tar xz

font=/lib/font/bit/knxt/knxt.40.font # for 2x the size

A sample of KNXT font on 9front

Spleen, 8px + 12px + 16px + 24px + 32px + 64px

A bitmap font from a github repo. Not the best coverage, but it is available in several sizes without looking too bad.

cd /lib/font/bit
hget | tar xz


See samples of Spleen at the original repo

Iosevka, 18px + 20px + 24px + 32px

Font from a github repo. Pretty good unicode coverage. Looks great.

cd /lib/font/bit
hget | tar xz


A sample of iosevka on 9front

The following config has been used to build this version:

family = "Iosevka Custom"
spacing = "term"
serifs = "sans"
no-cv-ss = true
export-glyph-names = false
no-ligation = true

percent = "rings-continuous-slash"

shape = 400
menu = 400
css = 400

shape = 600
menu = 5
css = "normal"

angle = 0
shape = "upright"
menu = "upright"
css = "normal"

Jetbrains Mono, 18px + 20px + 24px + 32px

A nice font from JetBrains. Coverage is so-so. Good enough for most cases.

cd /lib/font/bit
hget | tar xz


A sample of JetBrains Mono on 9front

Last update: December 01, 2022 09:48PM