Heavy music

I closed down my Spotify account but grabbed playlists I had there. Here’s the metal one, with one track per band (mostly).

I am aware some of those bands might be absolute fucking assholes (and I filtered out some known ones over the years) but hey, black metal is shit in general, so what else to expect.

Artist                                 Track
1349                                   Nekronatalenheten
A Forest Of Stars                      Raven's Eye View
Aara                                   Monolog eines Berges
Abigor                                 Satan's Galaxy
Abominism                              Burn Them Slowly
Aborym                                 Generator
Abruptum                               Feci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made
Abstract Void                          Wind of Reminiscence
Abyssion                               Pysähdyn Kuuntelemaan Hiljaisuutta
Adaestuo                               The Abyss
Aderlating                             Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone
Adversarial                            Immersion Void Paragon
Aeon                                   Garden of Sin
Aevangelist                            Harken to the Flesh
Afgrund                                Enkelriktat Krig
Alfa Obscura                           The Demon Is on the Horn
Almyrkvi                               Shrouded in Blinding Light
Altarage                               Vortex Pyramid
Amnis Nihili                           Christological Escalation
Anaal Nathrakh                         Man At C & A
Angst Skvadron                         A Song to the Sky
Anorexia Nervosa                       Dirge Requiem For My Sister Whore
Antaeus                                End Of Days
Antichrist                             Savage Mutilations
Aoratos                                Of Harvest, Scythe and Sickle Moon
Aosoth                                 Silver Dagger and the Breathless Smile
Apparatus                              Empyreann
Arcturus                               Fall Of Man
Arkhon Infaustus                       Narcofili Sancti
Armagedda                              For I AM His Slave
ars moriendi                           Quantum
Ash Borer                              Oblivion's Spring
Athame                                 Witchfather
Au Champ Des Morts                     Le jour se lève
Auroch                                 Tipharethagirion
Ave Maria                              Coitus Behind Moral Walls
Ayyur                                  The Outcast
Azaghal                                Taman Maailman Prinssi
Azarath                                Behold the Satan's Sword
Balance Interruption                   Morbid Soul Shelter
Barshasketh                            Vacillation
Bathory                                Sacrifice
Battle Dagorath                        Phantom Horizons Beyond
Beastcraft                             Enthronement of the Third Antichrist
Bedemon                                Saviour
Behemoth                               Messe Noire
Beherit                                Axiom Heroine
Behexen                                Temple of Silent Curses
Belliciste                             Nuclear Winter
Belphegor                              Fukk The Blood Of Christ
Black Altar                            Winds ov decay
Black Funeral                          Devourers of Spirit
Black Hate                             Kazudijirzu
Black Witchery                         Kingdom Against Kingdom
Blacklodge                             NeutroN ShivA - Sun, Walk With Me!
Blaze of Perdition                     Into the Void Again
Blood Of Kingu                         Those That Wander Amidst the Stars
Blood Red Throne                       Exoneration Manifesto
Blut Aus Nord                          MoRT (Part VIII)
Blutvial                               Conspiracy Of Optimism
Bonehunter                             Electric Nightmare
Brain Tentacles                        The Sadist
Brainoil                               Gravity Is a Relic
Burial Hordes                          Incendium
Caedem                                 Suppressing Shadow
Cannibal Corpse                        Five Nails Through The Neck
Carnal Tomb                            Undead Dread
Cavus                                  Discovering from Suffering
CeDigest                               Fermenting Remains
Celestial Bloodshed                    Begone, Chains of Life!
Chaos Invocation                       Menskindrums of Doom
Choronzon                              Topple The Pillar
Cloak of Altering                      Translucent Body Deformities
Code                                   Tyburn
Coffins                                Hellbringer
Cold Fell                              Bone Ceiling
Coma Cluster Void                      Iron Empress
Conform to Serve                       Dogma of Sin
Consummation                           Apotheoses
Contaminated                           Squalid Survival
Corpse Garden                          Death Hex
Corpus Christii                        The Gate
Craft                                  I Want to Commit Murder
Crimson Moon                           The Serpent Beneath the Skin
Crypt Rot                              Chapters of Torment
Cult Of Erinyes                        Casvs Belli
Culted                                 Dirt Black Chalice - Short Version
Cultes des Ghoules                     The Passion of a Sorceress
Curse Of The Golden Vampire            State Rape
Cut Up                                 By Hatred Bound
Daemoniac                              Cursed Hecatomb
Dakhma                                 Nanghait (Born of Fire)
Dark Funeral                           Hail Murder
Dark Tribe                             Endless Chains
Darkspace                              Dark 2.1
Darkthrone                             Graveyard Slut
Dawn Of Ashes                          Sex, Blood, & Black Magic
De Magia Veterum                       The Confusion of Tongues
Dead Congregation                      Serpentskin
Deafkids                               Mente Bicameral
Death Fetishist                        Astral Darkness
Deicide                                Death To Jesus
Demontage                              Mad Thrasher
Der Rote Milan                         Neben und Regen
Desolate Shrine                        Lord of the Three Realms
Det eviga leendet                      Ingest
Devathorn                              Azazyel Iscariot
Devouring Star                         Sin Assimilation
Diabolical Masquerade                  A Bad Case of Nerves
Disiplin                               Ultimatum
Dismember                              Europa Burns
Dolorvotre                             Treasure of Sin
Dragged Into Sunlight                  Part II
Drought                                Fire Breathing (Urdva Kundali Arise)
Drug Honkey                            Pool of Failure
DSKNT                                  S.O.P.O.R.
DØDSENGEL                              NO BEGINNING NO END
Dødheimsgard                           Symptom
Emperor                                Ye Entrancemperium
Epheles                                Les Murmures Du Silence
Epitaphe                               Downward Stream
Eternal Majesty                        The Warlord
Excommunion                            Nemesis
Expulsion                              Comatose
Fange                                  Roy-Vermine
Faruln                                 The Black Hole of the Soul
Fifth To Infinity                      Reapers Wake
Five The Hierophant                    Der Geist Der Stets Verneint
Fjoergyn                               Terra Satanica
Fluisteraars                           Stuk
Full Of Hell                           Shattered Knife
Funeral Mist                           Bringer of Terror
Funereal Presence                      Gestalt
Furia                                  Przechrzczony
Gallhammer                             Speed of Blood
Gardsghastr                            Of Crimson Eyes
Gateway                                I
Gehenna                                End Ritual
Gevurah                                The Throne of Lucifer
Ghost Bath                             Burial
Goat Semen                             Altares de Pandemonium
Goatfuneral                            Bastion Lucifer
Gorgoroth                              The Devil, the Sinner and his Journey
Hacavitz                               Deadream
Haemoth                                Slaying the Blind
Handful Of Hate                        To Perdition
Havoc Unit                             I.Esus - The Liturgy of Inhumanity
Helel                                  Cosmos Is Out of Order
Helfró                                 Eldhjarta
Hell                                   Inscriptus
Hell Militia                           Sternenfall
Helleborus                             Colored Spores of Yuggoth
Hellripper                             All Hail the Goat
Hetroertzen                            Perpetual Eclipse Stigmata
Hexis                                  Molestus
Hissing                                Backwards Descent
Horde Of Hel                           The Glory Of Massmurder
Horna                                  Aldebaranin Susi
Horned Almighty                        Fountain of a Thousand Plagues
Hour of Penance                        The Chains of Misdeed
Hryre                                  Devastation of Empires
Hymir                                  Rise of the Godking
Ignis Haereticum                       Exercitatus Spiritualium
Immortal                               The Sun No Longer Rises
Impavida                               The First Flame Initiates the Cleansing of Putrid Terrestrial Spirits
Impetuous Ritual                       Inordinate Disdain
In Lingua Mortua                       Skjelvende Av Angst
Infernal Coil                          Bodies Set in Ashen Death
Inferno                                Omega Greater Than One (Oscillation in Timelessness)
Insane Vesper                          Tearing the Veil
Invidiosus                             Thousand-Eye Stare
Irkallian Oracle                       Iconoclasm
Jotunspor                              Sol Mun Svartne
Judas Iscariot                         With Lust and Murder for Our Drink
Jute Gyte                              I Am in Athens and Pericles Is Young
Kaleikr                                Neurodelirium
Kaosophia                              Event Horizon
Kassad                                 Madness
Kenosis                                Abrahams Dagger
Khaos Dei                              Sous la bannière noire
Kinkshamer                             Behind Closed Doors Between Beauty and the Beast
Knelt Rote                             Compress
Korgonthurus                           Inho
Krater                                 Non Serviam
Krypt                                  Death Satan Black Metal
Krypts                                 Sinking Transient Waters
Kvelgeyst                              Demiurg - Denaturierung Holobiont
Labirinto                              Divino Afflante Spiritu
Les Chants Du Hasard                   Chant 5 - Le Dieu
Leviathan                              Mouth Orifice Bizarre
Liber Null                             Below and Beyond
Lifelost                               Malign Emanatio
Ligfaerd                               Den Hornedes Klo
Limbonic Art                           Apocalyptic Manifestation
Ljå                                    Til Satan
Lord Mantis                            Septichrist
Lucifugum                              Untitled 2
Luminous Vault                         Charismata
Lvcifyre                               In Fornication Waters
Maggot Colony                          Prayers of the Unbelievers
Malakhim                               The Golden Shrines
Malhkebre                              To Become or Die
Mammoth Grinder                        Born in a Bag
Manii                                  Dansen Gjennom Skuggeheimen
Mastiff                                Bubonic
Medico Peste                           Stigmata Martyr
Mindscar                               A Faceless Force That Must Die (feat. Augustus Invictus)
Misanthropic Art                       The Fall
Misericordia                           The Art of Perfection
Mitochondrion                          137 (Mors Formulae)
Mongrel's Cross                        Rabid Inception
Morast                                 Rls
Morbid Evils                           Tumour - Case IV
Morowe                                 Tylko piekło, labirynty i diabły
Mortuus                                Layil
Murg                                   Grannen är din fiende
Mutiilation                            Acceptance of My Decay
Mylingar                               Obalansen
Myrkr                                  The Unseen Light
Myrkskog                               Utter Human Murder
Mysticum                               Black Magic Mushrooms
N.K.V.D.                               U.C.K.
Nails                                  Scum Will Rise
Napalm Death                           Metaphorically Screw You
Natvre's                               Natvre's War
Necrophobic                            Revelation 666
Negative Plane                         All Souls
Negura Bunget                          Maiestrit - In-Zvicnirea Apusului
Neige et Noirceur                      L'eveil Dans La Mort
Nekrasov                               Purity of Oblivion
Neo Inferno 262                        The Great Industrial God
New Lows                               Born and Razed
Nidingr                                On Dead Body Shore
Nightmarer                             Skinner
Nihill                                 Carrion Eaters
Noctambulist                           Atmospheres of Desolation
Noise Trail Immersion                  Mirroring
Nox Formulae                           Voudon Lwa Legba
Nullingroots                           Subsistence
NunFuckRitual                          Christotokos
Nusquama                               Wrevel
NyreDolk                               Blottet for Empati
Obliteration                           Charnel Plains
Of Feather And Bone                    Pious Abnormality
Ofermod                                Chained to Redemption
Okkultokrati                           On Mouth of Hells
Omgeving                               Stille Vernietiging
Ondskapt                               Lord Of All Unclean Spirits
Oranssi Pazuzu                         Vasemman käden hierarkia
Orcivus                                Perdition's Paradigm
Order of Orias                         Cursed Revenant
Osculum Infame                         Dar Tariki, Tariqat
Ossuarium                              Writhing in Emptiness
Outer Heaven                           Into Hellfire
Outre                                  The Order of Abhorrence
OvO                                    Creatura
Palace of Worms                        Unveiled with Spears
Panzerchrist                           Creature
Panzerfaust                            The First Con Man, The First Fool
Paysage D'Hiver                        Macht des Schicksals
Pensées Nocturnes                      L'Alpha Mal
Pestifere                              Mine Is a Strange Prison
Phazm                                  Ginnungagap
Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals     Choosing Mental Illness
Portal                                 Curtain
Prosanctus Inferi                      Red Streams of Flesh
Pseudogod                              Azazel
Purtenance                             Vicious Seeds of Mortality
Ravencult                              The Sigil Of Baphomet
Rebel Wizard                           Ease of Wretchedness and Wonder
Recitations                            The First of the Listeners
Red Harvest                            Synthesize My DNA
Redemptor                              Tremor
Refusal                                Slaves
Reverorum ib Malacht                   IV
Ripped to Shreds                       Ripped to Shreds
Rotten Sound                           Mindkill
Ruinizer                               The Horror
Ruinous                                From Flames of Malice Born
Ruins                                  Undercurrent
Sacramentum                            The Manifestation
Sacrilegious Impalement                At the Altar Afore Eternity
Sadness                                Pure Dream
Saiva                                  En förliden tid
Saturnalia Temple                      God Is Two
Satyricon                              Prime Evil Renaissance
Schammasch                             In Dialogue with Death
Secret Cutter                          Trampled by Light
Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave  Destroyed
Setentia                               Beyond Myopic Blame
Setherial                              Ekpyrosis
Sguaguarahchristis                     Act III: Black Waves of Thy Winter
Shaarimoth                             Beast of Lawlessness
Sheidim                                Remnants
Sink                                   Justice
Situs Magus                            Oeubre Au Rouge
Skaldic Curse                          Genocide Storm
Skeletal                               Ravaged
Skelethal                              Scaly Smelly Flesh
Slagmaur                               Lange knivers natt
Slaves BC                              Lightbearer
Slidhr                                 Their Blood
Slugdge                                The Chapter For Transforming Into A Slug
Spearhead                              The Lie of Progression
Spectral Voice                         Lurking Gloom
Spektr                                 Teratology
Sun Of The Sleepless                   In the Realm of the Bark
Sunlight's Bane                        Came No Dawn
Superjoint                             Ruin You
Svartidaudi                            Reveries of Conflagration
Svartsyn                               Great Mysteries of Death
Svatan                                 Blessed Be the Godless Man
Swallowed                              Black Aura
Syphilic                               Kowardice, Korruption, & Kapital Murder
T.O.M.B.                               Immitis
Tenebrae In Perpetuum                  Percepire la luce attraverso il sepolcro
Teratism                               He Descends
Terra Deep                             The Navigator - Original Mix
Thantifaxath                           Panic Becomes Despair
Thaw                                   Afterkingdom
The Amenta                             Sekem
The Axis Of Perdition                  This, Then, In Paradise?
The Beast of the Apocalypse            And They Withdrew Up to Their Heavens
The Cowards                            Like Us
The Great Old Ones                     The Shadow over Innsmouth
The Konsortium                         Tesla
The Ruins Of Beverast                  Euphoria When the Bombs Fell
The Secret                             Violent Infection
This Gift Is A Curse                   Wolvking
Thorns                                 Interface to God
Throne of Katarsis                     Mesterens Tilbakekomst
To Separate The Flesh From The Bones   Cold Cuts
Tormented                              Graveyard Lust
Tortorum                               Night of the Witch
Torture Division                       We Are Torture Division
Trelldom                               By My Will
Triumvir Foul                          Urine of Abomination
Truchło Strzygi                        Puls Trupa
Tsjuder                                Helvete - Remastered
Tyrant                                 The Rebirth ... ( Reclaim The Flame )
Ungfell                                Die Hexenbrut zu Nirgendheim
Urgehal                                The Necessity of Total Genocide
Ustalost                               V
Vacivus                                Oubliette
Vader                                  Lord Of Desert
Valborg                                Blut am Eisen
Vale                                   Final Flesh
Valkyrja                               Welcoming Worms
Vanhelgd                               Relics of Sulphur Salvation
Vassafor                               Phoenix of the Maelstrom
Vermin Womb                            Industrialist
Verwoed                                Bodemloos
Vesania                                Aesthesis
Vessel of Iniquity                     Where Even Nothing Is Something
Vetus Obscurum                         Antidote to Humanity
VI                                     Une place parmi les morts
Vingulmork                             Ytterst
Vircolac                               So I Hang from a Wretched Tree
Virvel Av Morkerhatet                  Dissociative Disorder
Vithr                                  Hedensk Skikk Og Tro
Void Eater                             Receive
Void Meditation Cult                   Utter the Tongue of the Dead
Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit           Prothesensucht
Vorkreist                              Maledicte
Vorum                                  Rabid Blood
VRTRA                                  My Bones Hold A Stillness
Walknut                                Grim Woods
Way To End                             The Sore of Creation
Wederganger                            Gelderse drek
Werwolf Ensemble                       Despair
Whiskey Ritual                         The Forsaken Kings
Whoredom Rife                          Whoredom Rife
Witch Vomit                            Doomed in the Realm of the Dead
Witchrist                              The Grand Tormentor
Wode                                   Death's Edifice
Wrathprayer                            Sun of Moloch
Wreche                                 Vessel
Wrnlrd                                 Black Dress
Yellow Eyes                            Immersion Trench Reverie
Yeruselem                              Autoimmunity
Zyklon                                 Zycloned

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