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Wow. I got a new job and was veeery busy. It’s fun though!

I was reading some interesting papers during this time. For example, time warp related ones have been the most interesting. Someday in the future I want to try building a prototype of a PL/kernel that utilizes those ideas from the start.

Flashed my old X220 with coreboot and it powered on. Installed more RAM, cleaned and changed thermal paste. It’s a great laptop.


More work on neindaw. Better “autovoicing” logic, even less pops and cracks. mixfs makes the timings go wrong, it seems. Sounds much better without it.


Fixing neindaw. Mixing logic in piper (and DSP filesystems) has been fixed so it makes more sense now. The number of automatic voices has been limited to 16, they are also recycled based on level when the limit hits (the most quiet one goes away). In addition to [autovoice] metadata for Gate buttons that would enabled automatic voice creation, [crossvoice] has been added. That one makes the DSP create automatic voices and start playing them when the previous voice crossed zero point amplitude, in which case it’s also silenced. That allows kick drums to have way less artifacts when they are repeated fast.

There is still a lot to learn in regards to mixing. Hard clipping is still present, and various sounds played together do not sound that well because the mixer does not account for anything, it just adds all samples together and clips.


No computers.


Added loopback reading to mixfs, a few changes to aacenc and rtmp which allows to stream mixed audio properly.


Computers? Not really.


Played a bit with the “theming through libdraw” idea. Managed to get sam themed dynamically (changing colors while it’s running) with picker without a single change to sam itself. Several issues still to figure out, best ways to make this usable to find, but at least it seems possible so far.


After usize became 64 bits on 64-bit platforms, alignment of internal libvpx structures went sideways. I updated the port to use ulong instead. A fixed release of treason has been uploaded.


Went hiking, made a fire, cooked potato and peppers. It was really nice.


rtmp can stream to multiple destinations now. Both Twitch and PeerTube work.

Started to work on audio loopback for mixfs.


Mostly nothing? Some rtmp work.


hj264 will no longer require multiple-of-16 window/screen size. That means no more green line at the bottom when capturing 1920x1080, for example.

rtmp: Audio reading is running in a separate proc now. By using kvik’s mq I achieved audio loopback reading and was able to stream Quake gameplay with audio to Twitch.

I should try writing SIMD on paper since I can never get enough computer access and distractions are constant. Once I’m on the new job, I will start going to coffee shops to work at. Working at home with other people present is impossible at this point.


Watched “12 Years A Slave” for the first time.


AAC audio support has been added to rtmp.


Not much of anything.


rtmp can now stream directly to Twitch. Success.


I got to sent first portion of video frames over RTMP from 9front natively, without breaking the server. Video player on the other side doesn’t like those though, it produces some really nice glitch art. Need to figure out what is wrong. But it’s getting really close!


hj264 will have much lower CPU usage on text editing streams by comparing the frame to the previous one and ignoring it entirely if the contents are the same.

More work on rtmp. Getting closer to sending video data.



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