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Happy New Year.

Uxn for Android.

No more nail extensions. Those SUCK to type with, never again.


I got very sick and had to spend those two days alone at home. Worked on cleaning up and optimizing uxn. Was also the first time I wrote something using ARM Neon to make Uxn’s ppu redrawing faster. Much more fun than whatever SIMD x86_64 has.

All changes merged and Uxn APK for Android rebuilt/reuploaded. Next I need to get Android-specific changes back into upstream.

For now that’s as much as I can do, still being sick. Working on Uxn is easy and calming.

I use the Reform laptop as my main driver and it’s been very lovely so far.


My Spanish is 0 but huuuuuh?. That’s Plan 9 Intro author.


Very busy.

I got MNT Reform 2 which I immediately assembled. Then disassembled to hook up a UART so I can be porting 9front.

Yes, I like this laptop.


echo $* | sed 's,file://,,' | tr -d '\n' | xsel

That’s the script that handles “Open containing folder” in Firefox. It copies the path. Then I can just paste it in the terminal.


Too busy.


Few bags of wiring and electronics went into a dump on a landfield. Feels great to get rid of so much.

Sorted out photographic equipment, grouped all my films and prints together. I need to find a place for all that since I can’t take it on a van. That’s really the only category of things I won’t complete get rid of, my camera collection and stuff I made with it.

Few more shelves are empty now.

One specific camera that I’d like to take with me on the future journeys is this 9x12cm german folder, Zeiss Ideal 250/7UU. I have a bunch of film holders for it and a roll film adapter. Will need a very little bit of work and a test run to see if the rollfilm adapter works fine (I tested it years ago but don’t remember anymore). The camera is ~1930, shutter (1913 according to its serial number) is in perfect condition.


Collecting/grouping electronics and other stuff for sale and recycling all over the house.


Day 3, part two of AOC 2021 - dealing with bits in AWK. I am using AWK that is shipped with 9front, so none of GAWK features are present, including proper multidimensional arrays, nor binary operations. It’s fun. Or insanity.


I decided to start doing proper personal packages for Void Linux I use here: void-packages. Added Linux 5.15.6+5.15.5-rt there, kernel with real-time scheduling, that is.


My Advent of Code 2021 with AWK.




By popular demand, 9front music playlist in m3u format, playable by music players other than zuke: HERE.


This commit makes System76 pango11 have a proper framebuffer. That AMD Ryzen system had EFI framebuffer above 512Gb, but 9front only used one PML4 entry. Now it’s all working. Thanks, mr. Cinap!


For those using 9front: hget | audio/zuke. Preview of 9front’s music album, streaming directly from cinap.

Small change to auth/aescbc to make it print an error on write, if any.




Setting up System67 Pangolin the whole day. 9front does NOT boot on this one. Patch that fixes 64-bit PCIe BARs did not help, unfortunately.


9pfs compilation errors fixed.

evdump changes pushed. Not tested natively. Running kbmap is advised until it’s tested well.


Out dancing.


Worked on transforming kbfind into evdump, a tool that works kinda like xev under X. Printing scan codes on keys presses, mouse events, etc.


I am getting an MNT Reform which I want to run 9front on (will need to do some work to get there). Thanks to the amazing people who thought I deserve one as a gift for the contributions I’ve made so far. More to come.

Another one is System76 laptop from my current job, with AMD Ryzen. That will also allow me to add SVM support to vmx(1) in 9front, eventually, if I have enough spare time.



Added pause/resume to treason. I know it’s not perfect and makes the program hang if there is no audio, but that’s how it’s going to be for now until I get to work more on mcfs, which would allow full blown seeking, proper pausing, switching between multiple streams in a container, playback from a network stream, etc etc. Better something than nothing.


Fixed compose sequences starting with “X”, “x” and “ ” (space) in 9front’s kbdfs. Added double-struck capital letters, full set 𝔸-ℤ is available now.


A bit of work on Varvara/Uxn reimplementation in Haskell. The plan is to generate VM in C that runs on 9front by that, among other things.


Added initial Kmod4 support to drawterm. riow works it seems.


Tested a tls fuzzer against 9front’s tls server. One test crashed the kernel. Cinap fixed it.

Listen of the day


Drive-by changes in uxn and npe.


I haven’t done any music in a looong while and decided to refresh my memory of using Renoise, so I spent a few hours writing a track: The Digital Future.




Listen of the day.

Cut my hair shorter, it’s only down to shoulders now.



Small fix in libtags of 9front that makes tag reading succeed even if there are no tags in a music file, but the file is valid. Duration, format, etc can still be important.


Two small fixes in npe. One to fix a hang on SDL_CloseAudioDevice when no audio thread was spawned. Another is to properly scale mouse movement based on how much the window image is scaled. Those were tested with uxn.

Simplified zuke volume handling after a bug report from qwx. Also added -s option to mkplist, to sort by full path. Also qwx’s idea.


I continuously push people away without realizing it. This comes from low self esteem and thinking that no one would want to waste their time on me anyway, so why should I even try.



Synced openh264 and libvpx with upstream for treason.


Added “pcm” volume control handle to drawterm and made it also skip the non-existing ones. Updated zuke to use that control if available. It can now control music volume with drawterm.


Finished reading How to live in a van and travel. Wholesome, fun read, lots of info. Now I know there is very little reason to freak out.


treason can play videos on Raspberry Pi 4 now.

1023, Uber for ultra-elitist upper class Hackernews.

Some sam goodness: !fn b{ echo 'X/'^$*^'/!B $%' }. Can open matching files: ^b blah.

grimmware pointed out 9pro doesn’t build on Mac OS X and provided a patch to fix it. Modified a bit, 9pex should build fine on Mac OS X and NetBSD now.


Too busy with a lot of things.

One of them is downsizing and preparing to work on a biggest life change so far: moving over to living full time in a van and travel around EU.

I don’t have a van, nor license, nor experience, but the work on those has started. I will be talking about it more as I go.


unflac will correctly pick “performer” of the entire album if it was not set per-track. There are some additional feature requests in the backlog that I need to work on.



A bit of work on Plan 9 reimplementation of uxn. Nothing to show yet, didn’t have much time to work on it.

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