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Today’s listen.

Updated and rebuilt youtubedr for Plan 9. Faster downloads but also incompatible command line arguments. Youtube on 9 docs updated.


Added more op stubs to pdffs. This doesn’t do anything but helps to have a list of all ops in one place, rather than scattered across PDF spec.

Today’s listen.


Nice weather. No computers.


No computers today. I spent this week writing Java at work and that makes me not want to do any coding. I need to change my job.

On something better, long dresses (specifically maxi slim) are totally my thing now. Also I tried out my old earrings (my earlobes are stretched now) and it looks fine! And doesn’t hurt at all, something I was not sure about, stretching considered.


I got an e-reader (Boox Nova 3) which I immediately rooted. Today I also installed openssh, so I can copy documents from 9front to the reader and even open them remotely. I could do 9p as well but sshfs is enough. I want to try attaching the ereader to the side of my laptops display and configure plumber to open PDFs there. That’d be lit.


Yesterday I went to a local “russian” shop and bought lots of sweets along with сметана. Today I made traditional belarusian potato pancakes which we all ate way too fast to take a good picture, so here’s the last one left on a plate.


uxn now includes a mkfile to build it on 9front! Audio programs run well and produce sounds :)


zuke is now shipped with 9front. All of the juke is removed, but you probably didn’t even know it was there to begin with :P


Reading PDF spec. Checking embedded font formats out. Should be pretty doable to do rendering. Hopefully pdffs will be accepted for GSOC via Plan 9 project so it gets much further during summer. PDF reader with MIT license for everyone!

Hope my e-reader comes soon, can’t wait to stop reading from a laptop screen X__x.


No computers.


Some more work on pdffs.


Today’s listen.

pdffs is now successfully extracting CCITTFax images as TIFF. Those can be viewed with page. That’s a new addition to already working DCT, JBIG2 and JPEG2000 extraction.


Added m4a playback support to zuke.

Fixed sources syncing to /n/


Computer music of 1970s: Analysis of Jean-Claude Risset’s Songes (unfortunately, only in French).

Small bytebeat(?) in 10 minutes:

// boop.c
// 6c -FTVw boop.c && 6l -o boop boop.6
// ./boop | audio/pcmconv -i f32c1r44100 >/dev/audio 

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>

#define RATE 44100.0
#define SZ(x) (int)(x*RATE)
#define S(n,d) float n[SZ(d)]
#define FS(n) for(i = 0; i < nelem(n); i++)
#define NS(n) nelem(n)
#define TRW(f,i) (PI*2*(f)/RATE*(i))
#define LF(n) ((double)(NS(n) - i) / NS(n))
#define CF(n) cos(PI*(1.0-LF(n))/2.0)
#define SA(x,n) (((x) & (n)) ? -1 : 1)

main(int, char **)
	int i, j, k;
	S(s₀, 0.09);
	S(s₁, 0.04);
	S(s₂, 0.03);

	for(k = 0; k < 1024; k++){
		for(j = 0; j < 4; j++){
			FS(s₁) s₁[i]  = 0.7 * fabs(
						+ 800+20*j
						+ 200*SA(k,3)
						+ 120*SA(k,8)
						- 160*SA(k,16),
			FS(s₂) s₂[i]  = 0.2 * cos(
						TRW(1 + (k % 8)*((k % 16)+j), i)

			FS(s₀) s₀[i]  = sin(TRW(60+20*j + 10*(k % 4), i))*CF(s₀);
			FS(s₁) s₀[i] += s₁[i];
			FS(s₂) s₀[i] += s₂[i];
			FS(s₀) s₀[i] /= 3.0;

			write(1, s₀, sizeof(s₀));



Fixed a small bug in mp3dec and aacdec: the proc wasn’t waiting for pcmconv to finish, sometimes causing trouble.


Went to a forest. It was really cold but quiet and calming. Took a few pictures on my crappy phone of which I liked one:

A tree trying to run away.


No computers.

Decided to start cooking (and baking) traditional Belarusian/Russian things. Want to find out what my friends from Syria think about those when they taste it.


Extensible efficient non-linear pattern matching with backtracking for non-free data types


Worked more on the parser of my programming language. Got declarations, constants and arrays work. It’s slowly shaping. I’m thinking of doing interpretation only, since I want to write the compiler in that same very language as soon as possible, so I don’t waste time on C version.

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