Here I was putting random stuff I worked on and/or thought of.

I tried to update this daily and RSS surely reflected that.

It has been more detailed in the beginning and then…

I became too busy and depressed to care. Sorry.


Now goes never. See above.


After a long time waiting for the packages to build, made a PR to get Haskell build and work on aarch64-musl Void Linux.

Went to gym again.


No gym today, but I exercised at home.


Got the stickers from Hundredrabbits.

Went to gym.


Wrote a small prototype - llcache, a ccache-like tool to help llc and opt not do the same work twice. It isn’t much use outside of GHC’s LLVM backend and building packages with stack, where it helped me cut down on build times on AARCH64 when rebuilding Void Linux stuff locally because Haskell cannot(?) into cross-compiling.


Work work work.


uxn might be getting its own 9p device.


Why does every man I regularly talk to disappears completely and immediately upon finding a cis girlfriend? Rhetorical question.

Don’t even know why I ever expected otherwise.


Fuck wars.

Listen of whenever.


Fixed more bugs in Drawterm for Wayland. It will properly reset key modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt) state when changing focus and will not use repeat logic for those, making it possible to use Shift with mouse buttons as expected. Added Kmod4 support as well, in case someone wants to use riow with Drawterm.


Mostly working and/or freaking out about the move to the new apartment.

Both 9pfs and pc are now packaged for Void Linux.


Listen of today.

This week is being extremely stressful - I am trying to move to a new place in the city and there are many phone calls and frustrations involved. Happy stuff too, hopefully this is completely resolved soon.


Fixed pc(1) port to build on OpenBSD. That required getting rid of -fms-extensions which don’t seem to work properly with clang.




Cosmetic fixes in 9pfs.


After almost two months of bleaching and cutting hair I settled for a semi-permanent pinkish red color and dyed all of it, bangs cut short. (CW eye contact) It’s done. Phew.

Fixed a bug in 9pfs - zero-sized files are read properly now. This does mean the kernel caching isn’t applied, but when was this ever the right thing anyway?

I am not a huge fan of .fscache thing either, but removing that without considerably slowing things down is not 5 minutes of work.


Ported pc(1) to Unix.


(Techno) listen of today.

Few things I forgot to mention because of being very busy all the damn time :(

Something that I’ve been cooking on and off for a while - Void Linux for MNT Reform. It’s getting into a state I don’t feel ashamed to make a PR out of. Need to backport the patches to Linux kernel 5.16.x first, because 5.17 is not going to get released until end of March.


Perhaps you’ve already heard of WireWorld cellular automata, but there was apparently WireWorld++ which makes it easy to deal with wire crossings. I am going to try hacking up some form of a GUI for that if I ever get enough time. It won’t be for 9front this time, but SDL2, so maybe can be used with npe.


Listen of today.

I got the booster shot. Not too bad so far, hopefully not worse tomorrow.


Went to a cafe that had Bob Marley all over it, playing his music non-stop. Great coffee! I am definitely going there again. They let my dog to stay there as well :)

It’s nice to work remotely but not from home, for once in a while. Makes me do things and get distracted less.

Small update in Drawterm for Wayland’s Pipewire backend to use “drawterm” as the node name. Makes qjackctl show “drawterm” instead of the mysterious “node”.

A small fix to audio/flacdec to not endlessly loop (while saturating CPU) if a read error occured.


Just work.


No computers, just working around the apartment.

Dyed/toned my hair after three(?) times bleached (it was black). Now the only thing left is to dye it red. It looks fried as hell. Hope I won’t have to shave it off :‘)


Hanged three lamps on the ceiling. 220V wires sticking out. Thanks, dielectric (almost completely) gloves!

Two cosmetic changes to Drawterm for Wayland.


Listen of today.

Fixed a bug in nvi - without debug mode enabled, sometimes nvi would hang. Fixed by redirecting to /dev/null instead of just closing stderr altogether. Heh.

Fixed two more issues in Drawterm for Wayland. Both were minor, related to mouse input: pointer would draw as a white square initially and wrong pointer coordinates would be used if the user would switch back to drawterm (from another virtual workspace) after moving the pointer.

It is very usable, although I want to find ways to make the redrawing faster before merging it back to upstream.

Tried out RT kernel on MNT Reform. Runs fine:

;; uname -a
Linux reform 5.17.0-rc2-rt3_1 #1 SMP PREEMPT_RT Thu Feb 3 23:06:49 UTC 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Somehow this makes QuakeSpasm snappier. shrugs


Got a new drill and a battery-powered screwdriver. Need to find a good toolbox to put all of the tools I have together. There is a lot of them.


I’m back.

Listen of today.

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